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Halloween isn’t the only time things can get scary, especially for those in HR. In the HR world, leaders deal with spooky or down-right weird happenings more often than you’d think! To help get us all in the Halloween spirit, we wanted to know the nightmarish things HR folks have had to encounter in their careers. These scary stories are from real HR leaders in different companies.

Three’s a crowd.

“A man had been dating one female colleague then started dating another female colleague. The first girlfriend finds out, walks into work one day, pops her head into her manager’s office and says ‘you’re going to write me up for this.’ She then walks over to the man’s desk and openly scolds him for cheating on her. The second girlfriend then jumps in to defend him and three get into a physical fight! Leadership has to pull everyone apart, fires the parties involved, and puts everyone in the company through workplace violence training.”

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Laying down the law on pens.  

“An unnamed law firm on the West Coast not only required all staff and attorneys to clock in everyday for work (clocking in for attorneys is unheard of because, you know, all the insane hours they work), but they also had separate pens in the closet marked for staff to use. That’s right, staff and attorneys had to use separate pens.”

Seated in the splash zone.

“I once had a man show up 45 minutes early for an interview, obviously he was crazy nervous! He later met the team, shook everyone’s hands (nervously), and we walked into the meeting room to start the interview. But before I could even finish the first question, he barfed all over our conference room table! Surprisingly, he was one of our better candidates, so he did get a call back.”

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Careful what you ask for.

“One Friday afternoon, we had a front-line employee stub their toe by simply opening a door. The employee howled that her foot was broken, could not walk on it, and insisted that this was a Worker’s Comp issue and needed to visit the doctor immediately. Following protocol, we called an Uber and had the employee transported to work care. Work care conducted a thorough exam, determined that the employee had a contusion (a fancy word for bruise) and sent her back to work to finish her shift.

What the employee did not realize is that when a person is injured on the job, policy states that they must submit to a drug test. The employee tested positive for illegal substances and we were forced to terminate her employment.”

Set your alarm

“One high powered organization I worked in did 7:00 am “seat checks,” where the leader would walk around at 7:00 am every day to make sure employees were at their desks. This applied not just to employees, but to senior leaders as well.”

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Don’t sit on that couch. 

“Our manufacturing company had a basement area where there were no security cameras. There also happened to be an old couch in the basement area. Employees who were romantically involved (officially or unofficially) would go down there on their breaks, thinking no one would know. It was a bit awkward for HR to confront those employees using the couch area.”

Have some scary stories of your own? Leave them below or share using this post.

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