the great work challenge [infographic]

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Are you ready to create award-winning work that is valued by others? Take our challenge and learn HOW to become a difference-maker in your organization today.

When you hear good work vs. great work, what comes to mind?

Good work is seen as setting a foundation. A starting point. Essential. Proven. Stable. Meeting Expectations.

Great work gets defined as innovative. Value-added. Delivering above what’s expected. It’s where creative energy lives.

What stops us from creating great work?

The drive to stay ahead with new ideas creates a mindset of process improvement.

We’re all pushed to go faster, execute, and produce immediate results. But do you want to be (or lead teams of) process-makers or difference-makers?


  • Quickly meet COMMITMENTS
  • DELIVER on expectations



  • INNOVATE in areas they’re passionate about
  • Create space and time to THINK PAUSE IDEATE

Did you know: Google and 3M let employees spend 20% of their time “focusing energy on the projects most important to the strategies that will propel the company forward”

Ready to be a difference-maker? Research pulled from The Great Work Study analyzing 1.7 million cases of award-winning work proves great work is a product of anyone, in any role practicing these 5 skills.

On your next project take the Great Work challenge and:

1. Ask the right question. 88% of great work begins with the question, “What difference would people love?” Start by scheduling 1 hour each week on your calendar to consider, “What if we could?” Or, “How do we improve on?”

2. See for yourself. You are 17 times more likely to be passionate about an issue if you experience it firsthand. Observe. Look. Explore. Interact with the process you want to impact.

3. Talk to your outer circle. People who “talk to their outer circle” are 3.4 times more likely to create bottom-line financial results. Conversations with people we don’t usually talk to lead to new, innovative ideas.

4. Improve the mix. 84% of great work projects involve experimenting with ideas to make improvements or add value. Adjust, fine-tune, and improve. It’s as simple as adding or removing an element or two until everything seems to fit.

5. Deliver the difference. 90% of great work projects include employees who remain involved and engaged through implementation. See it through. Follow up with your project lets you witness the difference you’ve made, and shows you how you can continue making an impact.

Download our Great Work worksheet and put these 5 skills in action. Become a difference maker in your organization today.

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