the positive effects of relationships at work [infographic]

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Stronger, more cooperative teams. Increased productivity, motivation, and innovation. Happier and more engaged employees.

What leader wouldn’t want to inspire these changes in their workforce? Luckily, there’s an easy way you can ignite them throughout your organization: encourage friendship in the workplace.


A study by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Minnesota revealed that when tasked with diverse work projects, groups of friends were better than groups of acquaintances at:

  • Committing at the start of the project

  • Communicating throughout the activity

  • Offering both encouragement and feedback

  • Evaluating ideas critically


A Gallup State of the American Workforce Report found that:

Employees with a best friend at work are 5x more likely to feel a strong connection to their company and 7x more likely to fully engage at work than employees without a best friend.

Plus, close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%.


A global employee survey found that discussing success with colleagues was 4x more likely to be considered a form of motivation than a cause of jealousy.

Having good friends at work makes a tremendous difference in employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

And a recent O.C. Tanner Health and Wellness Study shows that employees who highly rank their current satisfaction at work also have high individual work output. When employees rank their satisfaction with life at work as a 0 on a 0-10 scale, they produce only 56% work output. But employees who give their life at work a 10 produce an impressive 80% work output. And the positive effect of one team member’s happiness at work even extends to improving the team’s overall work output as well.

Invest in your teams and ignite innovation by providing team-building activities, outings, inter-departmental competitions, or fun meals throughout your organization. Encourage your employees to form close friendships, and you’ll set off the chain reaction that leads to great work.

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OCT Wellness Study

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Excelente análisis. El ambiente de trabajo se ve impactado positivamente si las personas son bien conducidas en sus relaciones internas en la empresa

April 13, 2016   |   Reply
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