wellness at work [infographic]

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Wellness at work

We seek wellness at work in four areas: health, finance, mind, and relationship. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being more of what we’re capable of. Every day. Achieving a little extra. Reaching a little higher. Keeping ourselves on the wellness curve. Finding a healthy balance in these areas is about making little improvements.

Feed your body healthy food, give your body healthy exercise, and it will serve your life with get-up-and-go. The average person is inactive 15.5 hours every waking day and their diet is one-third junk food. But the body deserves more than average. It needs energy, motion, and sustenance. In short: Lose the couch, keep the potato. Because the body you’ve got is the only one you’ll ever have.

Money can bully you, or you can use it as currency for your dreams. Truth is, only five percent of employees understand their benefits fully, and the average person spends 16 times as many hours selecting clothes as they do planning their retirement. Be the CFO of your life. Invest in yourself. Shrink debt. Grow your retirement. And use money to serve your highest values. It pays big time.

People first. Not organizations. Not to-do lists. Not gadgets. People. Because without each other nothing is possible. Anthropologists guesstimate that each of use meets 100,000 people in a lifetime but only an inner few are family, friends, and team members. Appreciate them out loud. Listen more. Laugh often. Compete less. Tell them what you need. And do everything you can to help them be themselves.

With about 100 billion neurons firing on your behalf, your brain is capable of whatever you put your mind to. Idleness creates mush, but stimulation is the stuff new neurons are made of. So pick up an untried skill. Heal an old wound. Noodle a challenging idea. Because a mind stretched can never return to its original dimensions.

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Good post. I think health is one of the most important thing in anyone’s life. If you are healthy then you can take charge of your life and achieve unimaginable goals.

December 23, 2013   |   Reply
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