what perks really do for your company culture [infographic]

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With the fight for top talent only getting worse, companies are offering everything under the sun to attract and retain their best employees. But all the perks in the world can’t replace a culture of success.

Game rooms

The hope:

Innovative millennials will beat a path to your door.

The reality:

Millennials who are better at ping pong than developing apps will beat a path to your door.

Nap rooms

The hope:

A well-rested workforce will quickly lead to increased productivity.

The reality:

At least you’re honest about over-working your employees.

After extensive experiments with napping for their astronauts, NASA researchers concluded that naps are a “short-term fix, offering only temporary boosts in mental acuity.” Even in space.

Unlimited vacation

The hope:

Your company will be flooded with top talent seeking work-life balance.

The reality:

Your inbox will be flooded with out-of-office emails.

Kickstarter canceled their unlimited PTO program after it found out people were actually taking less time off because there were no clear guidelines on what amount was acceptable.

Parking lot charging stations

The hope:

Your company will be seen as a global leader in planet-friendly practices.

The reality:

Congratulations, you just invented executive parking spaces.

Fresh fruit

The hope:

Your employees will be happier, healthier, and full of energy.

The reality:

Your office will be happier, healthier, and full of fruit flies.

Pet-friendly offices

The hope:

Your laid-back company culture will be the envy of the industry.

The reality:

Your laid-back company culture will smell like a kennel.

Today’s lesson:

Great work cultures aren’t built on perks. They’re built on purpose. On people knowing that their work is appreciated and makes a difference. So if you really want to inspire great work, you first need to recognize it.

We know because we’ve helped 30 of Forbes’ 100 Best Companies to Work For (2016) do just that. As the world’s leading global recognition company, we have the technology, tools, and rewards to create work environments that don’t just fuel great work, they fuel the human spirit.

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