7 ways to shrm: essential tips for making the most of shrm [infographic]

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SHRM has a lot to offer for industry experts and newcomers alike—but where do you start?

We asked a team of SHRM veterans to share their tips on planning effectively, selecting the best sessions, and navigating this year’s SHRM. Here are their insights.

1. Prepare a game plan. SHRM is packed with activities and experts. Don’t get overwhelmed, build a smart schedule before you arrive.

Pro Tip: Browse our daily roundup of Must-See Sessions and download the SHRM app to create your schedule for each day.

2. Hit the expo like a pro. Don’t miss out on all the swag at SHRM, be sure to bring an extra bag and grab some goodies for team members who couldn’t attend.

Pro Tip: On Sunday take advantage of the free drinks and snacks while you scout out the booths you’d like to visit and talk with when you have more time.

3. Comfort trumps fashion. Get ready to walk a lot. Comfortable shoes are a must. Pack a light jacket, too! D.C. summers are hot, meaning the ac will be on high!

Pro Tip: Track your steps throughout the conference with a wellbeing device to get credit for all your laps around the expo floor.

4. Pack for the day. Bring everything you’ll need in an easy-to-carry backpack. Don’t forget a charger for your laptop and phone, too.

Pro Tip: Avoid LONG concession lines by bringing your own treats and water. Hit the expo floor for a vendor that offers free coffee.

5.  Divide and conquer.  If the whole team is at SHRM, make a point to attend different speakers. Schedule a team recap to share new knowledge and insights.

Pro Tip: Make sure your team comes prepared with a must-see speaker list in tow and schedule diverse sessions for each team member.

6.  Don’t miss the keynotes. The best way to start the day is by hearing from inspiring, innovative, and inspirational leaders.

Pro Tip: Get to the keynotes early. After which, check out the O.C. Tanner blog or grab the SHRM Conference Daily for additional insights and recaps.

7. Schedule a post-conference meeting. When you return from SHRM meet with your team to discuss what you learned. Look for ways to implement new techniques where needed.

Pro Tip: In each session, capture one new thing you’ve learned and commit to one thing you’ll do differently back in the office.


Check out the photo studio in the O.C. Tanner booth #3324 and see how we’re influencing greatness at SHRM.

You’ll also have a chance to demo the latest technology in employee recognition, get a free swag bag, and enter for a chance to win Bose speakers, Polaroid cameras, iPod Shuffles, and so much more. #shareyourgreatness

Visit octanner.com/SHRM2016 for a roundup of all our SHRM offerings.

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