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Red Nose Day’s here, so let’s get funny!
A time for the world to raise lots of money
To stick on a nose, a smile on our face
Even enter a crazy three-legged race!

It’s also the perfect chance to stop
To really appreciate all that we’ve got
We rush through life at a cracking pace
Sometimes forgetting to stop and face…

…the reality that others are living each day
Hunger, cruelty, sadness, decay
The world they live in isn’t so rosy
It’s hard, it’s mean, it’s tough and it’s lonely.

Isn’t the very least we can do,
Make a difference with a pound or two.
Comic Relief has the best intentions
To make a difference, to change a nation.

To celebrate all the goodness we have,
To make a difference, to make people glad
That as people, we all have an ability to be
Kind and generous and happy and free.

We just need to remember how lucky we are
To help those in need, near and far
So my heartfelt plea to you today
Is to be thankful and donate a £ of your pay!

Join us in our efforts to support Red Nose Day—which, since its launch in 1988, has become something of a British institution. Today’s event raises funds for poverty relief in Africa and the UK and is now Comic Relief’s most well known event. The charity was established 30 years ago in response to the famine in East Africa and has since raised over £950 million.

This year, for the first time ever, the U.S. will hold it’s own Red Nose Day in May. We ask you to join us today and again in May in support of Comic Relief and their efforts to have fun, raise money, and change lives.

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