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Our latest monthly webinar, led by neuroscientist Dr. Robert Cooper, begins with the question: “What if almost everything you thought you knew about setting and achieving goals was wrong?”

Dr. Cooper, named “the ultimate business guru for the millennium” by USA Today, is a strategic advisor to some of the world’s top CEOs and leadership teams. Through years of coaching and observing them, and leading breakthrough research on the neuroscience of setting and achieving goals, he has learned that the most successful people naturally follow four steps to setting and achieving big goals sooner.

Cooper explains that neuroscience reveals how to achieve what matters most. Even though a goal is the most powerful motivating force in the world, only one in ten big goals ever gets achieved. Plus, research shows that 98% of the time, people fail to turn passionate resolutions into reality.  But it’s not because of lack of motivation or drive. It’s because conventional thinking about goals is wrong. Here are the four research-backed steps Dr. Cooper presents to set and achieve goals effectively.

Bring your best future into the present.

Visualize far into the future and set a goal by dreaming about something that makes you passionate. Dr. Cooper says many people forget to think of their lives and the world as works in progress, but most successful goal achievers have a long time horizon over which they plan and visualize success. He also cautions that with goals, fewer, stronger, and less is more. Specific goals lead to higher levels of performance—so set those goals to get started.

Set the stage for your success.

In order to get off on the right foot to accomplish your goal, think about how to accelerate its progress and commit to implementing your steps to success. Stay on task and automate your goal so that you subconsciously work towards it. Dr. Cooper recommends posting visual goal cues to keep your eyes on the prize.

Aim and adapt.

Creatively advance your goal. If things aren’t going the way you expected, adjust your course of action, and remember: don’t try harder, try differently. Also, Dr. Cooper advises, take goal power breaks. If you’re stuck on how to proceed, don’t rush yourself and push through. Instead, take a break for the day to rejuvenate your mental focus and energy.

Track and grow.

Even if your goal will take a year to complete, measure your weekly progress every Friday. It speeds goal results and keeps your brain accountable to work towards your goal every week. Big goals may take longer, but that doesn’t mean you should check in less frequently. With a weekly check-in, you can see what is going well and how to optimize your time and efforts next week.

Follow these tips to get on track to achieve bigger goals sooner, and watch the complete webinar recording above to discover more of Dr. Cooper’s research-packed insights.

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