the impact of performance recognition [infographic]

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What do organizations need? Great work from their employees. What do employees need to deliver that great work?

 • drive and determination
 • strong connection to the company
 • good work relationships
 • an understanding of how their work makes a difference

Compelling new global research conducted by the Cicero Group proves strong performance recognition for great work significantly impacts employee engagement in each of the following areas at a rate of more than 2:1. (Percentage of employees who are highly engaged in each of these areas with strong vs. weak recognition.)

 • drive and determination 89% vs. 44%
 • connection to the company 81% vs. 35%
 • work relationships 78% vs. 35%
 • an understanding of how their work makes a difference 76% vs. 28%

Let’s dig deeper, When you have an effective performance recognition solution that impacts the above in employees, what’s the outcome? Employees who receive strong recognition are 33% more lively to be proactively innovating, generating 2x as many ideas per month. Companies that provide effective performance recognition are more than 2x as likely to be highly innovative. In fact, strong recognition is proven to be more powerful than a 5% bonus.

What if you had tools that help say thanks combined with meaningful awards for going above and beyond? In short you would have effective performance recognition that drives great work throughout your organization. Get the full research report from the O.C. Tanner Institute.

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