10 ways to help employees grow

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Gallup finds 32% of employees quit because they feel a lack of opportunity for growth and development in their organization. But opportunity for development doesn’t always have to mean a pay increase or job promotion. Here are 10 ways to help your employees grow and have an opportunity to shine:

  • Focus on overall wellbeing. When companies take care of their employees’ mental, social, and physical wellness, they see a 24% increase in the sense of opportunity
  • Create a learning culture. Only 55% of employees regularly learn new things in their current role. Provide opportunities to continuously learn, stretch, and grow in areas that they are interested in.
  • Give exposure. To executives, mentors, and special projects. Only 51% of employees feel their work is visible across the organization.
  • Provide meaningful work. More than 1 in 3 employees are “often” bored with their work. Let them be part of something purposeful and great.
  • Let go of the reigns. Only 56% of employees say their manager knows how to share responsibility with their team. Take a risk and give employees more ownership.
  • Have employees’ best interest in mind. Only 55% of employees have seen personal growth at their organization. Find out where your employee wants to go and build a plan to get there.
  • Give them a voice. Less than ½ of employees say they help influence important decisions at work. Empower your people to suggest, make changes, and provide feedback.
  • Build connections. Over 40% of adults report being lonely. Have ongoing team or company events and a collaborative workspace where employees can connect.
  • Show appreciation for a job well done. When employees feel appreciated, they are 52% more likely to feel they can take on anything.
  • Allow your people to thrive. About ½ of employees say their manager motivates them to do their best work. So step back and allow your people to be great.


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