4 ways to take better breaks at work

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How often do you take breaks at work? Or do you even take breaks? There is new research to suggest that taking several breaks at work is not only good for your health, but can also lead to increased job satisfaction.

Two professors at Baylor University set out to define what exactly makes a good break. And when I say breaks, I mean actual breaks. Eating lunch at your desk while responding to work emails is technically not a break (we’re all guilty of this). Taking a break means you check out from work-related tasks for a period of time. And how long that period of time is exactly what researchers were trying to determine.

They found that taking frequent short breaks are ideal. The study found that more frequent short breaks can help reduce stress. Researchers also determined that people who took smaller breaks had higher job satisfaction, and lower instances of burnout. If these findings have convinced you, there here are some ways to take better breaks while at the office.

  • Take your first break around mid-morning (before lunch)
  • Use your breaks to take a walk, or read a book
  • Unplug
  • Go to lunch with a friend or your spouse

The abovementioned study also suggests that mangers should institute more flexibility in scheduling breaks. And managers aren’t excluded from the findings from this study. If you are a manger, you should set the example for your employees by taking several small breaks as well.

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