connection: the key to employee engagement

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There’s something missing in the workplace. A vendor can’t sell it to you, you can’t implement a program or purchase a tool to fix it. It’s hard to measure, yet it is the very foundation of what makes an employee engaged or disengaged. And companies struggle with it, as Gallup reports that 51% of the workforce is not engaged.

It’s connection.

In a seemingly hyperconnected world – where we have so many tools at our disposal to stay connected (emails, text, messaging tools, apps, Facetime, video conferencing, Skype, etc.) – people are more disconnected in the workplace than ever. We email the person sitting right next to us. We send a Slack message instead of picking up the phone. We spend more time looking at devices to keep us connected than we do actually connecting.

Yet people want human interaction. This lack of connection leads to disengagement, and also can lead to less collaboration, trust, and innovation. How does an organization foster high quality interactions and build stronger connections between its people?

Join Mindi Cox, senior vice president of People and Great Work at O.C. Tanner, on Wednesday, May 16th at 2pm EST as she shares insights on the importance of human connection in the workplace.

During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why connection is so crucial in the workplace today
  • Best practices on building opportunities for high quality interactions at work
  • The impact of having a connected workforce on company culture and employee performance

Join us on Wednesday to learn how to create a culture that fosters connection and inspires greatness. Register here. See you then!

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