[infographic] what really makes your employees engaged?

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What REALLY makes your employees engaged. Hint: it’s not money.

Top ten factors for engaged employees

  1. Appreciation

From Toronto to Tokyo, the number one factor for engaged employees is appreciation for a job well done.

  1. Good relationships

Engaged employees have good relationships with colleagues, coworkers, and management.

  1. Good work-life balance

When life outside of work is acknowledged in the workplace, employees give more to their work.

  1. Good relationship with superiors

Naturally, employees want a leader they can learn from.

  1. Company’s financial stability

Employees must believe in the future of the company in order to contribute great work.

  1. Career development

To keep employees engaged ensure they are learning, developing, and growing.

  1. Job security

Job security equals secure employees, secure employees equal engaged employees.

  1. Attractive fixed salary

Inevitably, money was bound to show up somewhere. Surprisingly, not until number 8.

  1. Interesting job content

When employees are engaged in their work, they’ll produce great work.

  1. Company values

Engaged employees enjoy working for purpose, meaning, and something greater.

Source: Boston Consulting Group, Decoding Global Talent, 2014.

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