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Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Getting inspired can be the hardest part of any project, especially when living in such a distracting world. So much information is running through our brains all the time. Lyrics to our favorite song. What should I eat for lunch? How cold is it outside? Where’re the donuts? Why is the sky blue? The list goes on. But if we’re following Uncle Zig’s advice, the key is to find that motivation and desire daily and stay motivated. Over the years, I have found a few things that have helped get me into that motivational bath every day.

Take a Breather

Go for a walk or just sit down and breathe for a minute. I have found when I step away and come back to something, I have new ideas and am better equipped to move forward. When you are struggling to find that inspiration you are so desperately seeking, step back and reevaluate. You can go outside for fresh air, take a walk around the office, take a vacation, talk to a friend, drink water or maybe just sit back and unplug for three minutes.

WHY (stop asking how and start asking why)

Motivation suffers when we become so occupied with the how, as in “What is the task and how am I going to get it done?” Granted, that’s a natural question. And yeah, we become efficient task completers when we focus on the how, but when you take a step back and ask why you are doing something, it energizes you to create the motivation needed to complete the how. Why first, how second. Asking why should be the first step in completing any task, project or goal. When we train ourselves to focus on the why, we can hone in on why we are doing all these things in the first place, which pumps up our motivation.

Collaborate Good Times, Come On!

There is something about getting together with a group of people all aimed at the same goal that breeds motivation. Collaborating allows you to share ideas but also hear ideas. It is cool when you grab someone from a different department than yours for a brainstorm session and you hear totally fresh ideas that you wouldn’t have generated on your own. Collaborating challenges people to think and receive clarity through other people’s ideas. Collaborating creates a talent pool worlds more powerful than we can do alone.

Headphones = Bliss

Some people meditate, and some people just put on headphones. Meditation is a way to increase productivity and rekindle that lost enthusiasm. With one million different forms of meditation, you have your pick; mine is music. Sometimes I need white noise and sometimes I need songs to sing in the shower, but whatever it is, headphones block distractions that stall the creative output. Even sciences shows that music boosts motivation, so next time you are lacking that inspiration you need or a facing a daunting task, think of a strategic musical choice to give your brain that boost it needs.

Try these 4 tips and be inspired to do something great today!

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