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There is something so vital to feeling connected in our personal lives and in life at work. The modern workplace has so much technology at hand, designed to bring us together, but it may actually be drifting us apart. Mindi Cox, Senior Vice President of People and Great Work at O.C. Tanner, led this month’s webinar to share her insights and best practices on how to create a more connected workforce in today’s increasingly disconnected environment.

Mindi kicked things off by asking listeners, why is human connection so important in the workplace? Leaders are always looking to tap into that extra spark inside of everyone that connects the individual to the purpose of an organization. But a 2017 Gallup report shows 51% of the workforce is not engaged, and 16% are actively disengaged. So what’s missing? The answer was recognition and it goes a long way towards creating a connected workplace culture.

Mindi shared the O.C. Tanner Institute’s latest model for measuring the six elements that make up a great workplace culture (we call them Talent Magnets) and each of these elements provides room for connection through recognition. She continues, though we are connected daily through our technology and the channels we’ve created, it doesn’t provide high-quality interactions. What employees remember when they come to work each day is the human interactions offline and in person. And the influence of recognition accelerates this. From Leadership to Opportunity, Wellbeing to Purpose, the employee experience and that sense of human connection accelerates through recognition.

Mindi closed with urging leaders to convey the power of connecting with the people you work with everyday. Because anything we can do to share information and connect as humans in the workplace is the key to elevating what it is we do every day. Let’s not get caught up in the work that we forget it’s the humans that perform it.

Listen to the full webinar to discover the steps you can take to create this sense of connection in your workplace culture and learn more about the Talent Magnets.

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