recap: engagement scores shouldn’t be the end goal

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Most organizations today survey employees to gauge their satisfaction and engagement. Many of them attempt to apply the findings from employee survey scores to improve their workplace environments. But still, few companies have a thriving, successful workplace culture. And even fewer consistently innovate, grow, and produce groundbreaking differences for their customers and employees alike.

That’s because employee engagement surveys are only a means to an end. Instead of focusing on high engagement scores, today’s businesses should strive to empower employees to produce great work.

In our latest monthly webinar, workplace culture guru and O.C. Tanner Director of Speaking and Training Kevin Ames explains why high employee engagement scores shouldn’t be your HR team’s end goal. Engagement metrics are a piece of the puzzle, but they’re not the big picture. To innovate and thrive, companies need to take it one step further, from encouraging engagement to truly inspiring employees to create great work. Read on to discover Kevin’s insights on building a successful workplace culture—a culture that enables and celebrates great work.

Create your culture.

Focus on what matters to your company, and articulate it in three ways: through a mission statement, to define your purpose; a vision statement, to inspire and motivate; and a set of values, which call for and guide behavior. A successful culture is a vibrant community centered around a company’s mission and vision, where people are inspired to produce great work. Communicate, practice, and live your values, and your employees will be inspired.

Appreciate often.

When you appreciate your people for the work they do, the results are incredible. Appreciation sets off a positive cyclical process. When people are appreciated, or witness appreciation given to someone else, they become inspired. Inspiration enables great work. And great work is innovative and ground-breaking. It makes a difference people love and affects the bottom line. In short, when people are appreciated, innovation and creativity happen—and companies grow.

Do recognition right.

When employees were asked, “What is the number one thing your manager or company does (or could do) to cause you to do great work?” their most common unprompted answer was “Recognize me.” That’s why it’s crucial that you have a strong recognition strategy. There is a right way and a wrong way to recognize great work. The right way involves encouraging effort throughout projects, rewarding results when there’s a big win, and celebrating careers—from onboarding to retirement. It’s also key to keep recognition meaningful to the participant and purposeful to the organization. When recognition is done right, it produces great work and fantastic bottom-line results.

Use these tips to move beyond measuring employee engagement and create a workplace culture that fosters great work. For more insights, listen to the full webinar recording. Then, take our Great Work Challenge to create great work of your own today.

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