the most and least engaged cities and industries and how to become a best place to work

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Every year, nearly 40 cities in the U.S. participate and hold their own Best Places to Work contests, where almost 5,000 organizations take part in a survey and application process to prove their company is the Best Place to Work. Quantum Workplace conducts the survey and analyzes the results, and recently released the most engaged cities and industries:

Top 5 Engaged Cities

1. Huntsville, 77.6%
2. Miami-Dade, 74.7%
3. Nashville, 74.4%
4. Austin, 74.2%
5. San Antonio, 73.5%

Top 3 Engaged Industries

1. Real Estate, 77.3%
2. Construction, 74.8%
3. Technology, 73.7%


Quantum Workplace also uncovered the least engaged cities and industries

Least Engaged Cities

1. Lincoln, 57.1%
2. Kansas City, 59.6%
3. Minneapolis/St. Paul, 60.7%
4. Albuquerque, 61.2%
5. Las Vegas, 61.3%


Least Engaged Industries

1. Public Administration, 45.0%
2. Utilities, 53.0%
3. Manufacturing, 58.9%


The survey results uncovered 8 drivers of engagement that lead companies to be a Best Place to Work. Like the results of the Towers Watson Global Recognition Study the drivers center around opportunity for development, trust, and appreciation:

Top Drivers

1. The leaders of this organization are committed to making it a great place to work.

2. I trust the leaders of this organization to set the right course.

3. I believe this organization will be successful in the future.

4. I know how I fit into the organization’s future plans.

5. I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization.

6. The leaders of the organization value people as their most important resource.

7. I trust the senior leadership team to lead the company to future success.

8. The organization makes investments to make me more successful.

Appreciating your employees doesn’t just help people feel valued (driver #6), but it also helps build trust between employees and managers, and shows employees how they fit in, belong, and where they stand in the organization.  Interestingly, the global recognition study found appreciation to be the top driver of a sense of opportunity for development.

To ensure that your employees are engaged, and to help be a Best Place to Work in your city, consider appreciating your employees to build trust and confidence in your organization.

*O.C. Tanner is proud to make the Best Places to Work list in Utah for 2013.

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