the shift to employee experience: webinar recap

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In this month’s webinar, guest presenter Dave Johnson of Forrester, and David Sturt of O.C. Tanner, led us through why companies are shifting from employee engagement to employee experience.

Dave Johnson started by discussing the importance of employee experience. Companies spend $924B globally on business technology, but it’s not boosting employee engagement. Only 43% of employees say they have a lot of energy at work. Yet the employee experience impacts the customer experience, which impacts a company’s revenue. Organizations that have employees who are engaged, have a high sense of wellbeing, and are happy, have 81% higher customer satisfaction and half the employee turnover. A great employee experience contributes to better business outcomes and helps a company be a great place to work, tolerate change better, and even lower their healthcare costs.

But what companies typically think about employee engagement and employee experience is wrong. It’s not about free pizza, better pay, or even just a recognition program. It’s about helping people achieve progress in what matters most, and showing appreciation when they do.

Dave shared that the employee experience is built upon a few key factors:

  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Empowerment
  • Clarity
  • Recognition

David Sturt then showed how organizations can craft a great employee experience and shared examples of what the best companies are doing. When it comes to your workplace culture, think about this: what are the ingredients of great workplace culture that you want to emphasize through your employee experience? What matters most?

David shared research that found there are 6 “talent magnets” that cause people to stay and thrive at their organizations:

  • Purpose
  • Opportunity
  • Success
  • Appreciation
  • Wellbeing
  • Leadership

These are the areas to focus on as you work to make employees feel supported, connected to the organization, and enabled to succeed.

David also shared tools companies can use to develop their employee experience: journey mapping, employee interviews, survey research, persona development, workshops, co-creation sessions, and prototyping. Companies can see a bigger return on creating peak employee experiences rather than solely focusing on the not so good employee experiences.

To hear more details about what these companies did to improve their employee experience and see more data on the impact of the employee experience, listen to the full recording.

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Debra Campbell

When will we be able to sign up for the September 12th webinar “From Manager to Leader: Best Practices of Leadership Development”?

August 10, 2018   |   Reply
Patrice Alexander

Where is HRCI or SHRM numbers for certification documentation for this webinar? Thanks.

August 10, 2018   |   Reply
Max DeVries

Are we able to get the deck that was presented?

August 15, 2018   |   Reply
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