the building blocks of great work [infographic]

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Great work often starts with limits. Difference makers look at constraints as building blocks to work with, a starting point to propel people to push beyond those limits.

Let’s look at the astronomical building opportunities with six-4×2 stud LEGO bricks.

In 1974, LEGO stated that there were 102,981,500 unique combinations. Impressive. But wrong.

Mathematicians only considered creating a stack of 6 bricks high, but ignored combinations with different heights.

In 2005, Soren Eilers wrote a computer program to learn the true number of combinations. It took his home computer an entire week to run the numbers. Eilers learned that, in fact, there were 915,103,765 unique combinations. That is nearly 9x more than previously thought. In other words, there were more than 800 million possibilities being ignored. Pretty incredible for 6 little bricks.

Think of the millions of opportunities waiting to be discovered. Limits are your building blocks. Great work lives inside all of us. Learn how to inspire great work and create a difference.  Find out more at

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