30-second habits that set you up for success

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There’s a lot of self-help advice out there on how to be a better leader, a nicer coworker, and a more polished professional. Some of the tips are simple and direct, like the lists of phrases you just shouldn’t use in the workplace. Others, though, are more intensive, and take time and effort to implement. Off-site team building activities, open workspaces, more vacations…we’re looking at you.

When you’re strapped for time and you need some quick fixes to make you happier and more productive, there are some easy tips you can implement. Try out these five habits anyone can embrace to be more successful in less than a minute.

1. Don’t hit snooze.

This one’s a no-brainer to start off your day right. If you’re not getting enough sleep (and who is?), stop setting your alarm for an ambitiously early hour. Instead, let yourself sleep in as late as you can—and then get up and get going. Interrupting your sleep every 7 minutes doesn’t actually help you feel more rested. And in the future, make it a goal to have a game plan that gets you to bed on time.

2. Pause interruptions.

Instead of reading every email as soon as it hits your inbox, schedule a time at the end of every hour or every two hours to sort through your inbox. Answer urgent messages, delete junk mail, and leave the rest to catch up on at the end of the day. By taking charge of your inbox, you minimize your interruptions, so you can get more done at work every day.

3. Go for a walk.

Research shows that seeing a nature scene (or even just some sidewalk plants) actually boosts your mood. Exercise does the same thing. That’s why going for a walk during the workday can be beneficial for your productivity and success.

4. Take a break.

Even if you can’t make it outside, make sure to schedule breaks into your daily routine. A lot of research has shown that the most productive, organized workers actually schedule breaks so that they have time to unwind and reboot during the day. Make it a habit, even if you can only afford a quick ten-minute pause.

5. Make a list.

Not a to-do list, although those are helpful. Make a list of things you’re grateful for, the people who’ve helped you out lately, and the great work of your coworkers. Then, reach out and appreciate someone’s effort or small win. You’ll build a stronger friendship and respect, and you’ll be more motivated to achieve something great yourself.

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