6 benefits of effective recognition [infographic]

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Recognition has been proven to boost engagement, improve retention, and be the leading cause of great work. But leaders and innovators around the world utilize even more benefits of meaningful appreciation. Take note of these 6 global insights to recognize effectively, and apply the tips below to deliver a difference in your organization.


Recognition Delivers Performance Metrics

Employees in India save their recognition mementos in a file, which they pull out during performance reviews, discussions about a raise or promotion, or even in future interviews to highlight their career achievements.

Tip: Provide tangible awards or certificates that employees can keep to showcase their great work.


Recognition Operates as a Feedback Tool

Instead of waiting for a quarterly or yearly review, employees in China value ongoing recognition as a great way to provide feedback. A short note, verbal praise, or a small symbolic award are all meaningful ways to provide positive feedback.

Tip: Make giving thanks and encouraging effort easy with intuitive tools for peers and leaders alike.


Recognition Deepens the Manager Connection

Recognition provides important opportunities for employees in Germany to interact with their managers and hear direct feedback about their work. When recognition is timely and personal, it shows employees their manager appreciates their unique contributions.

Tip: Encourage leaders to frequently use informal and formal recognition to connect and communicate with employees often.


Recognition Creates Strong Teams

In Mexico, recognition is used to communicate an individual’s great work and help everyone learn more about that employee. Including the team in recognition illustrates accomplishments to leaders and helps build up that individual’s career.

Tip: Invite the extended team to big recognition moments, so they can join in celebrating a team member’s success.


Recognition Empowers Employee Development

In Brazil, recognition resonates when it provides employees with educational opportunities. Tying recognition to development reinforces an organization’s commitment to helping employees advance in their careers.

Tip: Appreciate great work by awarding foreign language instruction, career training, or MBA classes.


Recognition Aligns Employees to Company Purpose

Employees in the United Kingdom feel that recognition shouldn’t be given just for meeting expectations. Instead, they want to be appreciated when they go above and beyond and help the organization deliver a difference.

Tip: Recognize specific behaviors aligned to your organizational purpose and spotlight great work across your organization.

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