6 simple new year’s resolutions to achieve greatness in 2018

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Everyone starts their New Year with big, usually unachievable, New Year’s resolutions: going to the gym every day, being debt free, getting promoted. This year, make some smaller resolutions that can lead to big wins in both your personal and work life.

1. Find your purpose. Whether it’s what you strive for at work or personally.

  • Write down 3 ways you want to impact the world – work, family, friends
  • Read about the history of your company or founder to better understand your organization’s purpose

2. Make your own opportunities. If you are frustrated with where you are in your career, take steps to change your course.

  • Learn a new skill (like Excel or presentation skills)
  • Attend a conference that interests you
  • Ask your company for internal lateral job opportunities
  • Join a project at work that will stretch you

3. Look for new ways to lead. You don’t have to be an executive or manager to be a leader.

  • Volunteer to lead a new project at work
  • Become a mentor or coach to someone new
  • Foster positive relationships at work to improve collaboration and camaraderie on your team

4. Focus on your overall wellbeing. Look for small, easy things that can add up to big changes.

  • Go to bed 30 minutes early on Sundays
  • Take a walk instead of getting an afternoon treat twice a week
  • Mediate for just 5 minutes after work each day to destress

5. Empower yourself to do great work. Give yourself permission to own your personal successes and achievements.

  • Set a new goal at work for yourself once a month
  • Choose 1 risk or failure to be proud of each week
  • Write down how your work contributes to the world and post it somewhere you will see it

6. Treat yourself. Appreciate yourself, your big and little wins, your achievements over time.

  • Choose 1 thing at work to celebrate each week
  • Choose 1 thing outside of work to celebrate each week
  • Appreciate a coworker or family member once a week

Adopt one (or all 6!) of these New Year’s resolutions for 2018, and start to see how small changes can lead you to do great things. Happy New Year!

Comments (5)
Dan Mount

After 50 years in the business someone finally puts down realistic, understandable,doable and measurable things to do that make for a better life, better worker and a better person. Congratulations on a great list that is relevant for all people no matter where they are in life. Thank you

January 9, 2018   |   Reply

I agree with each bit. I’m printing this & pinning this up on my desk. It’s often the small, obvious things that we forget. Thank you for this!

January 15, 2018   |   Reply

I immediately downloaded this list after reading it! So much here that can be accomplished…small steps can be so empowering! Thank you for these wise words!

January 17, 2018   |   Reply

I completely agree with all the comments. Very realistic very due able and encouraging.

January 22, 2018   |   Reply
Marcia Figueroa

These suggestions were great! I totally agree! ;)

March 8, 2018   |   Reply
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