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What makes today’s top companies stand out from the rest? They build brand loyalty from the inside out by attracting top talent, motivating their workforces, and empowering employees to deliver a difference for customers.

Building a team of a-list employees begins with understanding generational differences—and similarities—in workplace priorities, motivation, and habits. So what do different generations look for in a new job? How do they prefer to communicate, lead, and live their work lives? Read on to find out—and use these insights to create a workplace that encourages greatness in every employee.


64% prioritize working to make the world a better place.

79% report that they want their boss to serve more as a coach or mentor.

88% prefer a collaborative, rather than competitive, work culture.

74% want flexible work schedules.

88% are looking for work-life integration—and the understanding that in the 21st century, the notion of work-life balance is outdated.

52% say the opportunity to progress in their career is the main attraction in an employer, even more so than competitive salaries, which come in at second place (44%).

59% report that a prospective employer’s state-of-the art technology is an important factor in choosing a job.

50% would take a pay cut to work for an employer that matches their values.      

Baby Boomers:

Cite the top qualities for the perfect boss as ethical, fair, dependable, and consistent.

49% agree that work group input leads to better decisions in the workplace.

94% would like a special work arrangement such as flexible hours or telecommuting.

The majority of job seekers (42%) look for a new job in order to make more money and work in an innovative, creative environment.

Search for a new job on average 10 weeks longer than 25-to-34 year olds.

60% of Boomers continue to work for non-financial reasons including to stay mentally active and to have a sense of purpose.  

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