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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Courtney Klein, CEO of SEED SPOT, a nonprofit organization that helps jumpstart (educate, accelerate and invest) entrepreneurs who are creating solutions to social problems.

You will learn:
4:15 – What SEED SPOT is and how it helps entrepreneurs.
5:14 – How Klein built off of her idea for SEED SPOT.
6:18 – The importance of a support system when developing an idea as an entrepreneur.
6:50 – The difference between social programs and social entrepreneurialism.
7:51 – What’s the criteria for entrepreneurs to use SEED SPOT—use a social impact scale.
8:00 – SEED SPOT is focused on the social need and impact in the world. Is the idea a band-aid for a problem or is it really attacking the root cause of the issue?
10:06 – How ideas can become clients at SEED SPOT.
11:17 – Millennial effect with social entrepreneurism and what clientele looks like.
14:37 – We need to feel a sense of responsibility and take action.
15:33 – The importance of having ideas that will benefit societies.
15:45 – Many of the world’s problems are caused by people and these problems need to be solved by people.
16:17 – The ideas that bother us or keep us up at night, no matter how big or small, are the ones we have to pursue.

Links and Resources Mentioned:
Learn more and connect with Courtney Klein

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Learn more about: SEED SPOT

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