libby gill and hope in the business world [podcast][rebroadcast]

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Libby Gill, former head of communications and public relations for Sony, Universal and Turner Broadcasting. Now Gill runs an executive coaching and consulting firm called Libby Gill & Company. Her organization helps companies achieve better results and employee engagement.

You will learn:

  • It all starts with hope–critical key the drives success in the business world
  • Definition of “hope” : Hope is directed, it has a personal element of responsibility–two key components: belief change is possible and being in control of your actions and as such, change the world.
  • Who should encompass hope? Both the employees and employers responsibility.
  • Importance of employees treating their jobs as a “calling”, e.g.: I’m doing what I was put on the planet to do
  • The importance of giving people hope of a better way to do things
  • The necessity of having a seed of hope in your organization, looking for opportunities to inspire hope, listening deeply to others.
  • Let people make original mistakes–fosters innovation
  • Hold employees to high standards with respect, trust and kindness

Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • Learn more and connect with Libby Gill

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Ken Ashe

Importance of employees treating their jobs as a “calling”. I love this point. This is so important in having a happy and productive work force.

November 25, 2015   |   Reply
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