dr. marcie lepine on what current job seekers value [podcast]

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Dr. Marcie LePine, associate professor of management at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

You will learn:
3:42 – What Dr. LePine’s teaching focus and specialities are.
5:23 – What the biggest shifts in wants and expectations are when it comes to employment.
6:44 – Today employees take on bigger roles than just the title “employee.”
6:57 – This is what job seekers are looking for today—what role they play within an organization.
7:31 – Are the expectations of jobs changing from generation to generation?
8:10 – Effects of the 2008 economic recession that impacted Millennial workers—developed a new perspective for work.
9:19 – Trends in workplace surveys.
9:28 – What “respect” means to student job seekers: 1. Being valued as a contributor 2. Being valued as a person 3. Being treated fairly.
10:04 – Shifts in Millennial values in the last 15 years and how they want to be valued as an individual.
11:00 – Importance of building a workplace relationship around potential, not just about rewards.
11:25 – There has been a drop in importance of challenging job opportunities.
12:15 – Millennials want personal growth.
12:55 – Gen Xers want enjoyment in their job and to know that their work is meaningful.
13:15 – To attract both Millennials and Gen Xers, organizations need to know their current and potential employees as an individual and value them as a person.
15:41 – Important for employers to find ways to build relationships.

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