have you put what you learned at shrm 2016 to use?

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SHRM 2016 was packed with engaging conversations and invaluable insights from some of the top experts in the world of HR. Topics ranged from making education available to everyone to striking a power pose, and covered everything in between including benefits, compensation, rewards and recognition, engagement, and HR leadership. Bottom line: there was a lot to take away from the conference.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over 30 days since SHRM 2016! In the month that you’ve been back at work, we hope you’ve been able to put a few things you learned to use. If not, here are three ways you can revisit what you learned, and share the information and experience with your larger team.

Connect with the peers you met at SHRM16.

Chances are you met at least a few new people at SHRM16. Have you connected with them on LinkedIn or Twitter? Sent them an email? If not, make sure you do that within the next two weeks so that you can keep the conversation going. One of the most valuable aspects of attending an industry conference is finding peers who understand the work you do, and can provide insight if not just a listening ear during those moments of HR overwhelm.

Capture the knowledge somewhere.

You may feel like there’s no way you’ll forget everything you learned at SHRM16. But based on personal experience, I can share that after attending at least three full days of sessions, some of the details get a little fuzzy. And they only get fuzzier the longer you take to review your notes. So take some time now, while everything you learned is still relatively fresh in your mind, and put it into a resource you can refer to as needed. Maybe it’s a presentation, or a notebook, or a folder on your computer—just be sure you’ve captured your insights are captured somewhere that’s easy to reference.

Communicate with your team.

Whether you were the only person who attended SHRM16, or you were part of a group from your company, take the time to communicate and share what you learned with your team. You might consider offering a lunch and learn about some of your favorite sessions. Or use a regular staff meeting to share the top three things you learned. If you have an intranet or internal company blog, consider posting highlights from your SHRM 2016 experience on one of those outlets. When you share what you learned with your team, it helps refresh relevant content in your mind and inspires new thoughts and ideas for your colleagues, too.

Collaborate with your non-HR colleagues.
At the SHRM conference, we all speak the same HR “language.” We face similar obstacles. We overcome similar challenges, and we champion similar solutions.  One of the most important things we can do when we return to work is to explain what we’ve learned to our non-HR colleagues; by doing so, we pave the way for a new level of collaboration in our business.

And then, use the next eleven or so months to think about everything you want to learn at SHRM 2017 in New Orleans!

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