how to keep your new years resolutions by making fewer of them [infographic]

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How to keep your New Years resolutions by making fewer of them.

People all over the world have made New Years resolutions for centuries (in the Eastern hemisphere, they are considered promises to change behavior in the coming year). But most resolutions are notoriously noncommittal. Here’s how to tweak your resolutions for success:

Most people fail to keep their New Years resolutions

  • 45% of Americans make New Years resolutions
  • 8% accomplish them

Resolve weakens over time.

  • 75% keep their resolutions the first week
  • 46% maintain them six months later

Being realistic helps. According to professor of behavioral addiction, Mark Griffiths, there are two main reasons resolutions fail.

  1. People make too many.
  2. The ones they make are unrealistic.

How to make resolutions that stick.

  1. Make no more than three. In fact, a single one might be plenty.
  2. Be specific. Cutting soda and candy for a month is better than “lose some weight.”
  3. Think baby steps. “Writing a page every day” is better than “finish a chapter a month.”
  4. Tell someone you love. Sharing your resolution with someone you know is a great way to commit yourself.
  5. Don’t think of a resolution as something you break once and it’s game over. Resolutions aren’t like Humpty Dumpty. Once broken, you can still keep a resolution by getting back to business.

Stay positive.

Simply making a resolution means you’re 10X more likely to achieve it.

Improvement is a blast.

At O.C. Tanner, we believe personal, team, and organizational greatness makes the world go around. That’s why we help companies everywhere to accomplish and appreciate great work.

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