how to measure the ROI of your recognition program

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Are your recognition initiatives making an impact? Here’s how you can check the return on your recognition investment.

Success indicators

Is your program being embraced?

Are employees using the tools you have in place and are they having amazing recognition experiences? Whether it’s giving, receiving, or observing recognition around your organization, employees should love your recognition tools and use them.

90% of recognition givers are currently satisfied with their recognition tools

Read how Roto Rooter saw an increase in service award celebrations and satisfaction:

Is your solution impacting culture?

Have you seen higher engagement levels since implementing a new recognition initiative? Is there more camaraderie, more passion, higher wellbeing, and do employees have more positive perceptions of leaders and the organization overall? Are you an irresistible place to work?

86% of employees who give recognition feel their recognition program directly improves their company’s culture

See how Dow’s recognition programs make an impact on their culture worldwide:

Is your solution getting results?

Here’s where most senior leaders are looking for ROI: retention, customer satisfaction, productivity, profitability, etc. If employees feel recognized and thrive in a strong culture, then you should see it impacting business outcomes.

88% of recognition recipients are inspired to do great work after they’ve received recognition

Check out Ohio Living’s recognition ROI on patient outcomes and quality metrics:

Is your solution evolving?

Is it continuously growing, increasing in adoption across the organization? Are all employees having high quality recognition experiences, and are you seeing impact on your company culture and employee great work? Does it adapt according to the changes in your organization, whether you are rebranding, going through mergers and acquisitions, or changes in leadership?

85% of people giving recognition saw an immediate improvement in performance after the employee received their award.

Listen to Norton Healthcare describe how they evolved their recognition solutions to adapt to a growing population:

*Source: 2016/2017 client user surveys

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