on purpose: finding meaning in work and life with author Dan Pontefract

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What is your purpose? Not just in your job or in your organization, but in society and even life itself. These are the type of heady questions author Dan Pontefract asks, and answers, in his new book, The Purpose Effect.

The central premise of The Purpose Effect is simple, but powerful. Pontefract contends that purpose is a three-part system of personal, role-based, and organizational purpose. And that in the center there lies a “sweet spot.” Align all three purposes with each other and the benefits will be felt far beyond the individual, stretching into teams, organizations, customers, and hopefully, society itself.

As Chief Envisioner of the Transformation Office at the Canadian telecommunication giant, TELUS, Pontefract doesn’t just write about purpose, he’s been putting it into practice for years.  To him, it’s not just about engagement and productivity, it’s about happiness and fulfillment. Having a well defined purpose, and seeing it reflected by the organization you work for, can have a massive impact on the individual, the company, the community, and even society itself.

Join us on January 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM MST for a free, HRCI-accredited webinar as we interview Dan Pontefract about finding, developing, and practicing purpose as laid out in his new book, The Purpose Effect.

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