recap: inspiring greatness: norton healthcare’s journey to a culture of recognition

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O.C. Tanner was happy to welcome Norton Healthcare’s Jason Coffey, Employee & Patient Experience Director, and Angela Jette, Employee Experience Program Coordinator, to lead this month’s webinar. Jason and Angela shared best practices and how O.C. Tanner has helped Norton Healthcare build a culture of recognition.

Norton Healthcare puts the care and health of their community above all else. With 1,837 licensed beds, 7 outpatient centers, 13 immediate care centers, and well over 14,000 employees with 750 employed medical providers, Norton is dedicated to inspiring employees to live the Norton Experience.

As they looked into the recognition happening across their organization, Norton found that various vendors were providing different programs at different costs at each of the locations. Not only was this not cost effective and couldn’t be measured, it also caused dissatisfaction among their employees.

Jason began by taking a step back and looking at their situation:

  • They were experiencing growth throughout the organization
  • They needed consistency among all locations.
  • They were making a shift from employee satisfaction to employee engagement.
  • Leadership felt lack of a return on investment of their current recognition solution.

Partnering with O.C. Tanner brought Norton Healthcare huge success with consistent experiences for service anniversaries, retirement, performance recognition, and overall employee engagement across all of Norton Healthcare.

They enhanced Service Anniversary Awards and began focusing on first year retention all the way up to a 55-year service anniversary! Along with these celebrations came the recipient Yearbooks. Each and every milestone has a personal presentation by the employee’s executive and leadership team in addition to a personalized Yearbook in which leaders can include a message of recognition and fun photos. 97% of Norton employees said that those specific messages from their leaders was an important part of their career celebration. Even when it came time for employees to retire, Norton wanted to make sure that they were ready to walk out remembering their legacy. “Because in recognizing retirements,” added Angela “we build value in the retiree, and they in turn want to continue to give back to Norton Healthcare.”

O.C. Tanner also helped create Norton’s new, branded, online tool “N Recogntion of You,” giving all employees access to the recognition platform. Norton Healthcare’s partnership with O.C. Tanner helped them finally find a way to measure the ROI of recognition like never before. Since then, they’ve seen utilization grow immensely from employees and leaders alike. Every aspect of work from onboarding to career achievements, day-to-day success to acknowledgement of the larger goals met, every moment of recognition captured within “N Recognition of You” is tied to the values they look for in all employees. “This culture of recognition,” Angela said “has defined our personal brand and our employees lead that into the future of Norton Healthcare.”

Jason wrapped up the webinar by looking ahead to the future of Norton Healthcare’s recognition needs:

  • Keep recognition fresh across all generations in the workplace.
  • Utilize virtual employee models.
  • Keep employee wellbeing and resiliency top of mind.
  • Integrate recognition from patients.

“All of this did not happen over night.” Jason continued, “company culture is very specific to each individual. We are always learning and understanding how recognition impacts engagement and how to do it properly on our end.”

Listen to the full webinar recording to learn more about Norton Healthcare’s journey to a culture of recognition.

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