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Corporate velocity (the time it takes to get things done in an organization), has slowed by 22-50% over the past five years. At the same time, the pulse of business and the speed of disruption (new technologies rendering products, businesses, and even industries redundant) is accelerating. These two opposing vectors spell disaster for those not agile enough to adjust. Developing greater agility while simultaneously remaining focused, stable, and consistent requires more than just change. It requires transformation.

The challenging paradox is that as urgent as transformation is, less than 30% of organizational transformation initiatives actually succeed! In 2013, this statistic was determined by McKinsey to have been consistent for many years, and more recent research confirms the continuation of this same dismal rate of success.

So how can organizations truly transform, beyond merely just changing products, processes, technology, or structure which rarely drive critical renewal and reinvention?

On April 20th, I, along with Kevin Ames of O.C. Tanner, will answer this question and take a deeper dive into this important topic of Transformation. I hope you and your HR colleagues will join us as we get to the heart of why transformation efforts are failing and reveal the solution to solve it.

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