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With even more anticipated change in healthcare laws and regulations, organizations are implementing various employee wellness programs to improve wellbeing in the workplace and save costs. Unfortunately, as one of the largest recent studies in workplace wellness shows, employees are still stressed, overworked, and have a low sense of overall wellbeing.

What can companies do to improve how employees feel at work? What company practices truly impact overall employee wellbeing (physical, mental, and social wellness)? Why does high employee wellbeing matter to an organization?

Join researcher and writer Christina Chau, and wellness expert Steven Day, as they share the current state of wellness in the workplace with data from the groundbreaking joint study by NPR and Harvard University, The Workplace and Health. We’ll also share insights from the O.C. Tanner Institute’s Health and Wellbeing Study on how employee wellbeing impacts the bottom line and what companies can do to significantly improve workplace stress and create a culture of wellness. Register now!

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