the social tsunami: social networks are changing everything, including employee recognition

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Since 1996, the Internet has been plowing through businesses like a tree shredder through a forest, changing industry after industry. But reimagine that metaphor as one that leaves the environment changed for the better. Thanks to the Internet, we plan travel differently, listen to music differently, watch movies and differently, buy books and shoes differently, talk to friends differently, and consume news differently.

Is employee recognition next? We certainly hope so.

Even though we’ve helped managers become better at appreciating employees for decades, we have long pioneered, in tandem, the idea of peer-to-peer recognition. Experience proves the most effective recognition cultures are not top-down affairs, but places where appreciation flows up, down, and sideways; where great work is celebrated publicly, socially, and frequently. Now social networking can help. From the way we recognize our own great work and the best practices of world-class clients, here are O.C. Tanner’s five reasons appreciation needs to go viral and five ways to get there.

Five reasons appreciation needs to go viral now.

  1. Every big success is the result of little victories along the way.
  2. Peers see great work happen first. They are closer to daily victories than managers.
  3. People love to celebrate. Making recognition available to all throws gas on the flame.
  4. Appreciating freely and publicly sparks thousands of conversations about great work.
  5. Inviting employees to appreciate inspires collaboration and teamwork, turning the focus from “me” to “we.”

Five Social Appreciation tools every company needs.

  1. Creative, customizable tools that make appreciating great work fun and personal.
  2. Technology that makes appreciation available to all.
  3. Web tools that make recognition visual, viral, and virtual.
  4. Internal and external links to groups, social networks, friends and co-workers.
  5. Mobile apps for recognition on the go.

These are indeed exciting times. The social appreciation tools we’ve dreamed of offering for decades are now readily available and at your disposal. Rather than thinking of social networking as a threat to productivity that needs to be managed, now you can harness it to fuel productivity and great work like never before.

The key is to think beyond the overly simplistic notion of a “Facebook site with points” and add social networking tools to your comprehensive and strategic recognition solution.

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