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O.C. Tanner’s May webinar, led by Jordan Rogers, a Senior Analyst at the O.C. Tanner Institute, delivered insights on how to inspire and enable employees to make a difference in your organization. Rogers shared insights from a major global study of 3,487 employees from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and India that revealed key findings about traditional measures of employee engagement and the five great work skills that truly empower employees to drive business results.

From the beginning of the webinar, Rogers posed the question: why do traditional engagement indicators sometimes miss key insights and opportunities to understand which employees are empowered to deliver a difference for their teams, companies, and customers—and why? The Great Work Index Study, which encompassed every major industry sector, position level, company size, major functioning business area, and employee generation, revealed that traditional measures of engagement are not as adept at predicting an employee’s potential to drive business results as another indicator: employee ability to practice the five skills that lead to great work.

To unpack the study’s findings, Rogers began by giving a succinct description of its methodology. Then, he proceeded to define what truly constitutes great work. By delineating the difference between good work (work that is expected, on time, and necessary) and great work (work that expands the influence of an employee’s position and purposefully creates improvements that benefits the team or customer), he began his explanation of why the five skills that lead to great work are so crucial—and a key indicator of employee innovation and success at work.

Previous O.C. Tanner research shows the five skills—asking the right question, seeing for yourself, talking to your outer circle, improving the mix, and delivering the difference—are practiced by innovators and great workers worldwide. And The Great Work Index Study shows that compared to traditional measures of employee engagement, employees’ abilities and opportunities to practice these five skills are actually more predictive of their work performance. That means leaders and HR professionals who focus solely on employee engagement indexes are missing key insights on the employee behaviors that truly drive business results.

Listen to the full webinar recording to understand more about the great work skills, the employees who practice them, and how you can empower teams and individuals throughout your organization to use them and deliver a difference on a regular basis. Discover how you can empower your employees to purposefully create improvements that benefit others and learn how to utilize the five skills as tangible engagement drivers.

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