5 things great workers do [infographic]

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5 Things Great Workers Do

1.7 million cases of award-winning work across all industries, positions, and pay grades, proves great work is a product of 5 activities people do, and 1 common intention.

The study proved that Great Work isn’t an accident. In fact, all cases of award-winning work began with a single-shared intention: to create a difference people love. Great Workers focus more on the recipient of their work, than on the work itself.


Who are Great Workers?

Great Work is less an outcome of traits (who people are), but more an outcome of 5 simple activities (what people do). Great Workers don’t categorically share similar traits. They:

  • aren’t always the most engaged
  • don’t have a certain personality style
  • don’t share a particular set of competencies
  • aren’t necessarily the most experienced
  • don’t even work harder or longer


What do Great Workers do?

Research proves Great Workers practice 5 activities that drive unexpectedly higher results, with the intention of creating a difference people love.


Activity 1: Ask curious and provoking questions.

Instead of adopting prevailing assumptions about how work should be done, Great Workers pause and ask provoking questions that open up new thinking. Common questions of Great Workers are: “why does this take so long,” “why can’t we,” “what if we could.” Great questions inspire great ideas.


Activity 2: Great Workers are compelled to go…

Great Workers are compelled to go and see things for themselves and understand what’s working, and what’s not working. They go to where their work makes an impact. Seeing how things work engages our minds in a different way.


Activity 3: Have engaging conversations.

Great Workers talk to people outside their “inner circle” of friends and colleagues. They thrive on conversation inspired by diverse perspectives and ideas. When you listen to their conversation, they don’t sound like informational transactions. They sound more like explorations for disrupting their own perspectives and limited thinking.


Activity 4: Improve something.

Great Workers have a knack for improvement. That knack is not a personality trait, it comes from something they do when they approach any project. They don’t see things as fixed or immovable. Instead, they tinker. They test. Their confidence comes from the ongoing practice of building, shaping, trimming, and fine-tuning.


Activity 5: Chase the change.

Great Workers stick with their work and grit it out until they witness the connection between their actions and results. They measure the difference made, fine-tune, and analyze what it is that people really love.


Great Work: It’s 5 simple activities and the intention to create a difference people love… and it’s proven by one of the biggest workplace studies every conducted.

Discover the New York Times Bestseller, Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love.

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Mary K

I wish your infographics were printable—some of them are so inspiring that it would be cool to be able to post them in our workstation.

May 16, 2014   |   Reply
O.C. Tanner

Hi Mary – We’re so glad you find our infographics inspiring and want to print them out. All of our infographics are jpegs, so if click on the infographic it will open in a new window. You can then right click that image and select print. Thanks!

May 16, 2014   |   Reply
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