6 short and long-term results of onboarding

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Onboarding comes in many different shapes and sizes. At the core, it offers new employees opportunities to gain the skills, organizational knowledge, and behaviors they need to become productive employees. This can be done through a variety of methods including one-on-one conversations, online tutorials, workshops, employee handbooks, leadership roundtables, or any other techniques for communicating with employees.

Every step in a potential or new employee’s onboarding experience—the interview, the new hire paperwork, the first day, the first 90 days, and the first performance review—is an opportunity for your organization to reassure and remind this person that he or she made the right choice in accepting the offer to work for your organization.

When you help new employees acclimate to their job and the company via intentional onboarding programs and plans, you’ll experience many short and long-term results including the six we’ve listed below:

Result #1: Employer of choice. You’re established as an employer of choice that understands what successful talent management involves. Your demonstrated commitment to employee onboarding will help you continue to attract—and retain—top talent.

Result #2: Employee confidence. During onboarding, new hires get the information, tools, and resources they need. This helps build their confidence as contributors and makes it more likely that they’ll contribute at a higher level sooner rather than later.

Result #3: Organizational connections. Thanks to onboarding, employees connect early-on with mentors, buddies, peers, managers and leaders. Those connections help build organizational trust and ensure alignment.

Result #4: Aligned values. When employees learn about the organization’s vision and cultural norms early in their career it’s easy for them to commit to its success while upholding your values and mission.

Result #5: Open communication. Onboarding establishes the patterns of open communication which will benefit the employee and the organization for years to come.

Result #6: Longer career journey. Employees are less likely to look for a new job, and will instead stay on their career journey with your organization when it begins with a positive onboarding experience.

Intentional onboarding—a plan that lasts well beyond the employee’s first day—ensures a more successful experience and better short and long-term for both the employee and the employer.

For me, the ultimate goal of onboarding is to make employees feel welcome and engage them with your business for the long-term. The sooner you can help employees understand their role and how they contribute to your organizational mission, the sooner those employees will be able to help you deliver outstanding business results.

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October 13, 2016   |   Reply
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