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In 2017, we took a group of like-minded thinkers up to the mountains of Snowbird, Utah. Throughout three days of keynotes, breakout sessions, and activities, our attendees left feeling inspired to make a change and ready to empower their workplace culture.

Hear what some Influence Greatness 2017 attendees said about their experience:

Everything that really is changing the way we serve our employees really comes from O.C. Tanner’s research and their connection to other organizations. And it’s just such a privilege to be able to hear it firsthand [at Influence Greatness]. – DANA

It has been just very eye-opening and just an awakening experience. The best conference that I’ve been to in my 7-year HR career. – DAVID

This was the first conference that really talked about engagement and recognition, the company culture, and I just wanted to be a part of it and see what it was all about. And I’m so glad I came! – AMY

I’ve never been to a conference where we’re actually focused on the employee, on appreciating them, on helping employees really be at their best. – TIFFANY

I wanted to be inspired to become a better leader, and I’ve really felt this. I really felt like I need to go back and make a change. Like something is sparked and ignited inside me, just listening to each and every speaker. – JENNIFFER

I realized today that my job is to help the employees reach their fullest human potential through recognition and well-being. – LISA

My takeaway from this amazing conference is [the importance of] employee engagement. I think that is really at the core of creating a culture that really inspires teams to come to work, work together, and just really get to that goal the company is looking for. – MARCIE

It was revitalizing, recharging. It caused me to look inside myself and to see what I can do better and to be more intentional and purposeful with people. – PAULA

If you want to create a great workplace culture, you can’t afford to miss Influence Greatness 2018. No other conference is as focused on immediate tools, actions, and insights that will transform your workplace into one employees love. Register now to lock in your exclusive Early Bird rate of $795!

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