[infographic] leadership and recognition around the world

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Leadership and Recognition:

How local culture impacts expectations.


A leader’s active participation in a recognition moment is valued and expected.

Preferred Reward:

A note from a senior leader.


For a recognition moment to be meaningful, it must include leadership participation.

Preferred Reward:

Career development opportunities.


Leaders are expected to follow a formal and structured process when recognizing employees.

Preferred Reward:

A direct and genuine thank you from a leader they know.


It’s all about a level playing field. Leaders are expected to recognize employee performance equally.

Preferred Reward:

A face-to-face thank you. Nothing over email.


Although recognition is not the norm, when it is given it must be personal to the employee.

Preferred Reward:

A gift selected by the leader to reinforce the value of the accomplishment.


Recognition from leaders is very important. The higher the level of leader, the better.

Preferred Reward:

Face time with their boss’s boss.


Leaders only appreciate the best of: the best team, the best employee, the best project.

Preferred Reward:

To have your direct leader recognize you or your work.


Leaders don’t recognize regularly, but employees crave more feedback on performance.

Preferred Reward:

Verbal praise and feedback on a job well done.


Local leaders recognizing great teamwork is more meaningful than calling out individuals.

Preferred Reward:

A recognition moment given to the entire team.


Often leaders aren’t in the same country so offering a holistic recognition approach is important.

Preferred Reward:

To provide well-rounded needs for employees: daycare, extra food for Ramadan, etc.


Leaders are expected to set goals, hold employees accountable, and recognize great outcomes.

Preferred Reward:

Recognition for great accomplishments.

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