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It’s the hottest word in HR: culture. Every organization wants that irresistible workplace culture, the kind that attracts the best talent, but they don’t necessarily know how to get it. O.C. Tanner Institute research shows that out of the 6 elements that make an organization a magnet for talent, leadership has the biggest influence on workplace culture. Joshua Howland, Director of Product Development at O.C. Tanner, joined us for this month’s webinar to share insights and best practices on how to improve your workplace culture by developing managers into great leaders.

Joshua started off by stating that setting clear expectations for your managers is one of the most important steps to developing a leader. Predictable and repeatable actions like setting meetings, creating tasks, delivering reports, and focusing on accountability are a few activities that build the necessary skills of a great manager.

However, out of all the action items and tools a manager uses, latest research from the O.C. Tanner Institute discovered that Best Practice On-on-Ones had the biggest impact on not only leaders, but employees, teams, and the overall workplace culture.

A Best Practice One-on-One is :

  • Held more frequently than once a month
  • Feels informal and open
  • Is a prepared discussion by both manager and employee
  • Is a personal level connection
  • Supplies support
  • Asks about career plans
  • Gives opportunity for feedback
  • Appreciates their work
  • Documents action plans and points for next time

When managers leverage the power of one-on-ones, their teams feel more aligned with not only the vision of their leader, but of their organization as a whole, contributing to a great workplace culture.

Listen to the full webinar recording here to learn more about the power of one-on-ones and how you can grow and develop your managers to be better leaders.

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Magraget Yoakum

How do I let Human Resources here at PCRMC (Phelps Regional Medical Center )know that I have 1 credit for doing this webinar?

September 14, 2018   |   Reply
Nancy Peter

…I’m thankful you posted this, as no password was sent in the registration to join the webinar…attempts to email resulted in bounce-back notices…

September 14, 2018   |   Reply
Susan Kennedy

Yesterday’s webinar was extremely informative. I got immediate suggestions that I can weave into our leadership development. Most importantly, it reinforced that I’m on the right track related to HR being the facilitator of culture to enable an optimal “employee experience”.

September 14, 2018   |   Reply
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