there’s greatness in all of us

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Human beings thrive on accomplishment. We’re at our happiest when we’re doing work we’re proud of. Making a difference. Changing the world for the better in some small way. That’s why, before an organization can become a magnet for talent, it must first create a culture where people have the opportunity to do and be their best.

New research from the O.C. Tanner Institute shows the desire to stay with a company is 50% higher when leaders encourage innovation. Being invited to dream bigger and reach higher causes us to put our heart and soul into our work—the very definition of engagement. We all want to achieve, create, and make a dent in the universe. To push the status quo of everyday work. And be a part of something great. There’s greatness in all of us. The best companies help us to achieve it. That’s why the employee recognition solutions inside O.C. Tanner’s Culture-Building Platform help organizations everywhere to accomplish and appreciate great work.

This video captures the spirit of greatness that lives inside every employee. Watch and share it with your team, your company, and the world.


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