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It’s here! The Great Work Insights Podcast is officially live and we couldn’t be more excited to share the details with you. Listen to the first episode featuring Robert Van Arlen here.

The podcast is presented by O.C. Tanner and features the people, the professionals, the thought leaders, and the coolest companies trending in the world of business. This show will cover topics from company culture to leadership, employee engagement, appreciation, and everything in between. We’ll also be sure to include discussions about the best practices, and in equal part, the organized chaos that compels great work.

Todd Nordstrom, the Director of Institute Content at the O.C. Tanner Institute and blog contributor, is the host of the new Great Work Insights Podcast. He is a blogger, author, social marketer, and speaker, as well as an experienced media personality and commentator with a knack for connecting with seemingly superhuman thought leaders, influencers, and all-around interesting individuals.

“Personally, I’ve always been intrigued by the daring, fearless, and uncompromising spirits…people who are so passionate about their own purpose that they refuse to hear the word ‘no.’ I’m fascinated by people who glow with uncompromising principle. And, I’m impressed by people who don’t care whether someone follows in their footsteps. Relevance is achieved by the people in this world who dream of better things, and relentlessly offer their unique talents to make their purpose a reality.”

Episode Details

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