tieman h. “skipper” dippel jr. on personal dignity [podcast]

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In this session of Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Tieman H. (Skipper) Dippel Jr, author of “The Language of Conscience Evolution” series, including the latest and sixth book, “The Wisdom of Generations: Using the Lessons of History to Create a Values-Based Future”.

You will learn:

  • Dignity: The bottom-up sense in how we interact with people, is commonly known as respect. I try to look at it with the perspective of the top-down and why it has power and how it is the ultimate influence in how we work together. It’s vital for company culture.
  • What influences the world?
  • Personal dignity (in strategic sense): How satisfied people are with their life and how much often times they can control their life determines that…Focusing on it is critically important.
  • Three powers: economics, politics and culture all influence personal dignity the world we live in.
  • Conscience vs. convenience is a better way of thinking about the “three big powers”.
  • The way you think matters because it has a predetermination of how you look at life.
  • Personal dignity: it is the thought process of how we perceive to look at life and how we perceive to look at our company, how we look at our society; it is where thought really begins.
  • Company culture = How people interact with one another.
  • Three types of cultures that are evolving: rule of law; culture of obligation and culture of compassion and character. All of these fit together.
  • How people think about their role in [company] culture, is probably what ultimately makes the difference.
  • “The story of the wolf” and how we should all focus on character and destiny.
  • A top-down approach helps us reassess life.
  • Culture and compliance work together, but culture is what gives a real strength to compliance because it is the peer pressure that gives the unity to the organization.
  • Making people care about the importance of company culture.
  • Unification of diversity is the key to successful company culture.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • Learn more and connect with Tieman H. (Skipper) Dippel Jr

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  • Learn more about The Language of Conscience Evolution

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