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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Patrick Bosworth, CEO and founder of Leadership Choice, a platform for leadership training and coaching. Leadership Choice looks to accelerate the growth of people through the latest research and technologies for more effective training.

You will learn:
2:10 – What the “management death zone” is.
6:04 – Side effects of promoting someone to a management position within an organization.
8:48 – What HR managers can do to help new leaders.
9:00 – Relating pilot training to management training.
11:20 – How to make leaders more effective in their roles.
11:53 – Effective resources for new management.
12:15 – Importance of training/teaching in segments.
13:19 – 15% of people that go to training don’t apply what they learn; 15% successfully apply what they learned and 70% try to apply what they learn, don’t have enough support and go back to old habits.
14:15 – Give those 70% of people the resources they need to succeed with new training.
15:15 – Importance of involving the participant’s manager or boss in the training process—provide the resources to get that boss to the training sessions.
17:20 – How to make coaching and mentoring more impactful.
18:25 – Bosworth’s experience in leadership and avoiding the “management death zone.”

Links and Resources Mentioned:

Learn more and connect with Patrick Bosworth

Website | Twitter |  LinkedIn

Learn more about: Leadership Choice

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