what is the key to loving what you do? [podcast]

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Chris Bennett, CEO and founder of 97th Floor, a digital marketing agency using innovative solutions to create content and campaigns for clients.

You will learn:
2:47 – When it comes to communicating a vision, it all starts with passion.
5:11 – If you’re online, you’re a digital marketer.
5:45 – How social media allows users to market themselves and their environment.
7:03 – Marketing really does help people.
7:30 – The effects of your passionate work go beyond what you might think.
7:40 – How the levels of impact on others goes deep in many cases.
10:05 – Keeping people inspired as your team grows.
10:50 – The need to work with people that share a similar passion.
11:20 – Being passionate about the work can spread throughout an organization.
11:38 – You really need good team members that are on the same page in terms of their commitment, and that they really do feel fulfilled in their job.

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