how important is attitude in the workplace? [podcast]

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Clint Swindall, president and CEO of Verbalocity, a personal development company with a focus on leadership building. In addition, Swindall is a professional speaker for clients to help enhance company culture and employee engagement. Swindall has published two books, entitled, “Engaged Leadership: Building a Culture to Overcome Employee Disengagement” and “Living for the Weekday: What Every Employee and Boss Needs to Know About Enjoying Work and Life.”

You will learn:
3:10 – How important is attitude?
3:48 – Optimists and pessimists share the same issues in life, but the optimist frames the issues in a different perspective.
4:45 – Swindall’s life experience with a pessimist in the workplace.
6:18 – The importance of the phrase, “Tell me something good.”
10:43 – Attitude has a great impact on our lives.
12:28 – What do leaders struggle with?
12:44 – The challenge of employee disengagement.
14:00 – How to live for the weekday and should work and life be connected?
15:35 – Living for the weekday is the employee’s responsibility.
16:11 – The real cause of balance, engagement and satisfaction at work lies in these five aspects: career, relationships, health, finance and spirituality.
18:44 – The importance of becoming satisfied in these five areas.
19:40- How giving back can help engagement and satisfaction in life.
20:00 – How Swindall gives back to the community.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

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Learn more about: Verbalocity

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