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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Louis Efron, Head of Global Employee Engagement at Tesla Motors. In addition, Efron is a contributing writer for Forbes and Huffington Post and author of How to Find a Job, Career and Life you Love.

You will learn:
3:24 – Efron’s career path and how he came to work for Tesla.
7:40 – Great leaders are able to learn more from disengaging situations.
9:00 – Efron’s book can help those in between careers and looking to improve current job situations.
9:24 – Mission of his book is trying to get people to ask the right questions and seeing life through a different perspective.
11:27 – The importance of alignment within our careers.
11:30 – Alignment = The intersection of passion, interests and strengths that all come together to highlight your purpose in life.
11:48 – Lack of alignment can turn a high performer into a low performer.
12:49 – What the 30 day challenge is.
16:02 – When alignment is lacking, low self confidence follows.
16:49 – If you’re doing something that you love and are passionate about in place of what you do best, you’ll have more chances and opportunities to win. And wins create confidence.
17:41 – You are less likely to feel less confident when you’re doing things that you love.

Links and Resources Mentioned:
Learn more and connect with Louis Efron

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Learn more about: How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love: A Journey to Purpose, Fulfillment and Life Happiness

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