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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Dr. Jeff Spencer, creator of The Champion’s Blueprint, team doctor to six winning cycling teams in the Tour de France and acclaimed competitor, physician and coach. You will learn:

  • Dr. Spencer’s definition of the word “champion”, which is mastery of one’s craft and performance at a high level that is consistent with expectations and the outcome makes a positive contribution to humanity and allow one to live a life of passion, purpose, productivity and prosperity.
  • Genetics may contribute to natural skill set but it’s the proper structure that allows humans’ to craft their talents into a useable life asset
  • Champion is a presence of being and life response to circumstances
  • More important than technical skills is how we anticipate life and step into life and life’s opportunities and how we avoid life’s potholes
  • Blind ambition does not make a champion
  • Champions have forward looking vision in order to avoid the pothole and capitalize on the opportunity
  • The importance of being in a state of readiness for the select number of opportunities that present themselves
  • That the team is your strength: be an honorable participant, cultivate teamwork
  • Position your team members where they are most successful
  • How to identify a champion, they’re strengths and liabilities
  • The model for success for leadership as they navigate business and relationships and build  moment for times of challenge

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  • Learn more and connect with Dr. Jeff Spencer

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Ben Austin

Great interview!

Dr. Spencer is such a great teacher.

September 19, 2016   |   Reply
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