why candor is the heart of corporate vision, culture and leadership [podcast]

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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Laura Rittenhouse, founder, CEO and President of Rittenhouse Rankings, Inc. Rittenhouse Rankings works with CEOs and CFOs to create accountable and trusting cultures that help build financial leadership and sharpen execution. Rittenhouse is also the author of “Investing Between the Lines: How to Make Smarter Decisions by Decoding CEO Communications.”

You will learn:
3:25 – How Warren Buffett creates trust and candor with an owner’s manual for stockholders.
4:56 – Candor is essential to creating ethical, trustworthy cultures.
6:05 – Leaders who choose to communicate candidly are those who have the courage to shine light into dark places.
6:20 – Candor illuminates what’s real.
6:51 – Rittenhouse’s six rules of candor: own the power of your words; accountability brings meaningful conversations; be authentic, original and energetic; be honest and truthful in what you say and do; know your audience and use verbs more than adjectives.
12:30 – How Rittenhouse integrates candor into client’s organizations.
14:08 – Have to have both the head and heart engaged within an organization.
17:01 – How Rittenhouse was able to measure candor in a corporate setting.
17:41 – There are seven vital systems within corporations: capital stewardship system, strategic system, accountability system, vision system, leadership system, stakeholder system and commitment to candor system.
19:58 – Without candor, you cannot have trusting relationships. And without trust, everything falls apart.

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