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In this session of the Great Work Insights Podcast, Todd Nordstrom speaks with Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, an organizational psychologist and CEC certified professional coach for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. Dr. Woody is also the author of amazon.com top selling career book, “The YOU Plan” and writes a weekly column on FoxBusiness.com called Career Hot Seat.

You will learn:
2:18 – Dr. Woody’s work background.
3:12 – The importance of exploring different aspects of a career while in college.
5:06 – Definition of positive and negative psychology.
6:62 – This impact our mindset has each day.
7:30 – When we don’t have control of the situation, take a step back and look at what you can do. Look to make the most out of your situation.
8:04 – Be proactive when challenges arise.
9:50 – How being exposed to negative content in the morning can affect your attitude for the rest of the day.
11:25 – The same is true with positive content.
12:00 – Setting a positive tone to help eliminate a negative mindset.
12:20 – Dr. Woody’s plan to help start your day off right: set a positive tone, catch people doing something right, closing out the day with a smile and checking on results.
12:50 – Importance of starting a meeting off with a positive story to set the right tone.
15:12 – What impact recognition has.
15:23 – We need our managers to focus more on purpose based recognition, catching people doing something right and letting them know.
16:51 – The importance of closing with a smile.
18:12 – The impact of checking the results.
19:44 – Modifying and motivating the right behaviors
20:10 – The creation of Dr. Woody’s “Starbucks Follies.”

Links and Resources Mentioned:
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Learn more about: The YOU Plan: A 5-Step Guide to Taking Charge of Your Career in the New Economy

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